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Festo Valve

Overview for Festo's valves and accessories for valves.

Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves

Standard directional control valves

Universal directional control valves
Application-specific directional control valves.
Electric or pneumatic actuation.

Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves

Directional control valves with mechanical actuators such as stems, rollers, idle return rollers, swivel levers, whiskers etc.

Special function valves

Shut-off valves

Non-return valves
Ball valves and shut-off valves
Quick exhaust valves
Logic valves

Pressure control valves

Pressure control valves with screw-in thread

Pressure regulators
Differential pressure regulators

Flow control and time delay valves

Flow control valves

Time delay valves
Flow control valves
One-way flow control valves

Proportional valves

Proportional valves

Proportional pressure regulators
Proportional directional control valves

Electrically actuated process and media valves

Process and media valves

Directional control valves electrically actuated, piloted, pneumatic spring return

Pneumatically and mechanically operated process and media valves

Process and media valves

Disc valves
Angle seat valves
Ball valves
Proportional media valve

Pneumatic control systems

Adding counters

Predetermining counters

Product types for which modern alternatives now exist

Accessories for valves

Manifold block / manifold strips

Solenoid coils
Mounting attachments
Actuator attachments
Valve-specific accessories

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