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Assembly Robot

The assembly robots along with painting, dispensing, sealing and welding robots – invading every car manufacturer worldwide. Assembly robots perform faster and cheaper than previous manual assembly applications, making them a more attractive, and possibly all-around better, choice for manufacturers. Because the assemly of automobiles, is a process that requires accuracy and precision, the intelligence and steady “hand” of robotic assemblers are almost a necessity these days.

Key Feature

  • These assembly robotic system can also be outfitted with vision technology, allowing the robot to see
  • These robotic assemblers will not only assemble an automobile, but they can also inspect their own work, cutting down on worker error.
  • This robotic assesmbly reduced gaps between vehicle parts, which decreased wind noise throughout the vehicle.
  • Part location, identification, sortation, fastening and joining
  • Flexible and bowl feeding
  • Tool changing, force sensing, 
  • Error proofing, visual inspection

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