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As many a plant manager would attest, global manufacturing enterprises today expect unprecedented levels of detailed information about plant performance. One reason is the increasing scale of multi-plant operations, of extended supply chains, and of outsourced production, which call for the kinds of manufacturing intelligence that allows flexible, collaborative response to ongoing change and innovation.

Key Feature

New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions understands that you need information about your systems. That’s why we’ve put a team in place that will deliver. Our programmers will take the time to fully understand what information you need, and then we’ll develop the reports in the format that’s most useful to you. We create detailed reports that clearly present information, are professionally formatted, and can be fully automated. It is possible to both import data from other systems to incorporate them into the reports and export reports in a format that allows the data to be used by other applications.

  • Wonderware

  • HMI Reports

  • Information Server

  • Historian

  • Rockwell Automation Vantage Point

  • FactoryTalk Historian

Key Capabilities:
  • All data is stored in the Wonderware Historian and hosted on the highly secure Microsoft Azure® Cloud environment.
  • Troubleshoot faster with powerful data trending capabilities, simple drag & drop.
  • Mobile Reporting and Analytics.
  • Push data to operators, managers and service engineers — keeping them informed and in the loop across multiple systems.
  • Flexible Service Model allowing you to easily add more users as needed.

  • New Ocean is certified in Microsoft SQL database installation, management and reporting services, with a specialty in industrial data from plant floor and historians. 
  • Providing meaningful and accurate reporting of plant data is critical in allowing operators to control systems and monitor areas for improvement.
  • ​We have experience in providing high quality data analysis, from the field collection through to web page deployment of formatted data. Reports (reporting services) are a critical tool in assisting with the efficiency of plant processes and performance.

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