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Palletizing Robot

Palletizing is a demanding application of stacking boxes, bags, cases, bottles, and cartons onto pallets as the last step in the assembly line before being loaded onto a shipping truck. We offers robot integration specifically designed for high-speed, heavy payload, and long-reach palletizing applications. A variety of software options allow the user to rapidly generate pallet patterns and monitor the status of the palletizing system.

Key Feature

  • Creating basically every desired layer arrangement on the pallet for palletizing units such as clean packs and bottle layers.
  • high performance can be flexibly realized in small spaces.
  • The dynamic movements are exactly reproducible at all times
  • Detect the height of workpiece
  • Visual inspection and workpiece sorting
  • Depalletizing the load on a received pallet
  • Motion optimization of a program
  • Case palettizing
  • Bag palettizing
  • Depalettizing
  • Scrap metal palettizing
  • Mix load palettizing

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