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New Ocean understands and embraces complex, multi-path batch operations and their impact on company profitability. Estimating the volume of ingredients in a recipe can affect the quality, effectiveness and the consistency of the final product. Using a weighing system to analyze each ingredient ensures precise measurements, improve batch recipe quality.

Key Feature

  • Gain-in-weight, loss-in-weight and continuous weighing system
  • raw material management, inventory and usage
  • material parameters (tolerance, feeder speed, jog, pre-act/cutoff…)
  • lot tracking (bar code, rfid)
  • validation (bar code, rfid…)
  • equipment parameters (scales, mixer, dry ingredient feeders, liquid meters…)
  • temperature monitoring
  • mixer load tracking
  • remote process status & data access software (webcentral)
  • troubleshooting & diagnostics features (local & remote)
  • bulk conveying system automation
  • bulk liquid handling system automation
  • micro, minor, bulk bag/tote ingredient automation
  • manual prompting & weigh station automation
System Integration: 
  • Incorporating a PLC will make the system highly flexible, robust, easily expandable with very low chances of failure.
  • Auto taring after every batch.
  • Auto/ Manual operating facility.
  • Bypass facility to bypass any ingredients.
  • With smart software the system or process is guarded from mechanical, electrical & material handling problems.
  • With HMI interface the system provides 4 different programmable recipes & shift & day reports.
  • With SCADA interface the system provides Database of all consumption records: Shift Report, Day Report,  Month Report
  • Food and beverage
  • Cement
  • Liquid, chemical


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