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Track & Trace Solution

If you are looking for your factory an solutions that help tracking in real time each product in one box, or pallet at any time, at any stage of production or distribution, then our Track & Trace solution is the right answer. With many flexible modules, our solution can tracking each finished or semi-finished products. It also help end user tracking the authentically of product, protect them from counterfeit. New Ocean solutions for Track & Trace is a powerful tool but yet ease of use, flexible with each plant process.

Track & Trace Benefits

Tracking and tracing is the process by which manufacturers obtain and record highly important information about where and how products are made. Track and trace solution automates this process and has become a modern necessity for manufacturers as their industry faces increasing economic and regulatory challenges. 

By adding the Track & Trace, your system can have the capability to look up where any product has been in its manufacturing process, and where it is now. This paperless and fully integrated solution allows you to do the following:


  • Track products from the raw materials to the finished state, including consumables and byproducts

  • Set up unified operator interfaces including SCADA, HMI, other MES, and more

  • Serialization of items and sub-assemblies

Adding Track, Trace also can improve outbound product quality in several important and measurable ways. Simply by catching potential problems in real time, you can inexpensively prevent problems from ever leaving the work cell or manufacturing area.

Turnkey Track & Trace Solution

With experiences in both industrial software programing and coding solution, New Ocean Turnkey Track & Trace solution posesses the optimization and flexibility.
 The core of solution, our Track & Trace software, follow industrial standards, and can handle multi product level. Beside, we can recommend and provide the suitable coding device (printer, labeller, laser marking, RFID tags) and reader device (industrial barcode scaner, industrial barcode reader, serial number reader, RFID).


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