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Utility Management

Energy Management allows plant personnel to monitor real-time energy use and automatically notifies operators, supervisors and cost accountants of energy inefficiencies and waste. It connects directly to meters on a network through industrial controllers or through building automation systems. This enables integration with a wide range of industrial controllers and I/O data sources.
Key Feature

  • Suggestions for energy measurement equipment
  • Support for data collection and analysis
  • Consultation on ideas to improve control and operation, and estimation of the effects
  • Design and installation of energy conservation control systems
  • Adjustments to maintain energy conservation effectiveness
  • Granular, contextual reports enable viewing analytical energy consumption reports and drilling into details
  • Scalable solution allows data collection from one plant or one site or from geographically dispersed sites
  • Diverse ability to address all energy types, including power, water, gas, chill, air and steam
  • Energy, Water, and Air Metering
  • Compressed Air Plant Optimization
  • Data Analysis
  • Real-Time Energy & Environmental Monitoring
  • Load Response Programs
Energy events help capture the energy usage for any fixed or variable period of time.
  • Production order, batch, lot
  • Unit operation, phase, segment
  • Occupancy, heat days, cool days
  • Demand response episode
  • High Flow condition
  • Equipment state: startup, idle, producing

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