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Warehouse & Inventory Management System

Warehouse & Inventory managementIf you’re looking for a solution which can: Digitize warehouse and inventory information with Industrial Barcode (1D or 2D), Warehouses management, Pallets management, Goods management (material, final-product, packing, container, misc., etc.), Locations management and Track & trace material & products.etc..

Then our warehouse and inventory management system is the answer that you need.


Key Features:
New Ocean provides an overall warehouse solution with following distinct features:

  • Real-time monitoring capability.
    Office users are able to view all processes’ statuses in real-time.

  • Process intervention capability
    Office users are able to intervene any on-going process.

  • Off-line capability
    The system is designed to be able to work when server connections is hindered.

  • Track and Trace capability
    From as small as a single final-product to the whole set of orders.
    From the hand of a consumer back to ordering of raw material.

  • Industrial Barcode Implementation

    • All material, product, containers as well as office users, warehouse users, manufacture users, warehouses, areas, bins, etc. are barcoded.

    • Allow quick access to an item’s information or quick signing in to the system using User Barcode as ID.

  • Multi-types Notification capability
    The system can notify users when there is a task assigned to him, when the status of a task he is associated to change status, or if he is needed for some tasks, etc.,  via:

    • Push Notification (Facebook style)

    • Instant Message (Skype style)

    • SMS

    • Email

  • Multi-User Access
    Allow multiple user to work on the same task with zero conflict.

Solution Benefits':

  • Machine accuracy data process.
    The fluent combination of software and hardware minimize the mistakes when inputting information.

  • Computer speed process.
    The process speed of modern computers along with New Ocean algorithms lower the time you have to wait for a query to minimum.

  • Digitized document processes.
    Replace the messy and confusing paper documents with easy to follow digital forms.

  • Prevent lost of warehouse items.
    All items is mapped with their location for easy finding.

  • Quick decision helper.
    Visual information on screen help users quickly assess the situations and make decisions.

  • Smart Assistant.
    The solution is able to calculate information such as the number of pallets needed for a receiving of material or which pallets should be prioritized to take for a list of deliveries.

  • Generate and save report parameters.
    The reports can be generated at any moment. The generated parameter can be saved for later access without the need to re-enter all the values again.

  • Auto-generate warning notifications.
    The warning is auto activate when a criteria is met.

  • Reduce management cost and effort.
    The devices and software system are designed and developed for industrial environment to provide the longest possible life-cycle.

  • On-time technical support.
    New Ocean’s technical support team is always ready to help with technical issues or training.

Solution Movement for Material Warehouse & Product Warehouse
Solution for Material Warehouse

Solution for Product Warehouse

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