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Web Reporting

Web Online Reporting will allow verybody have access to the data they need to do their daily job in the format they prefer and  reduced manual work and more accurate data. Therefore, data is consistent throughout the organization and everybody can access a web based solution. This meet the demands come from authorities, the production management.
Key Feature

  • Open, robust and automatic capture of your plant floor data at high resolution
  • Integration of existing PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI or SQL based systems
  • Powerful aggregation of Your raw data to get the right data out
  • Open and flexible report design to be able to do the reports
  • Interactive and easy to use report navigation and generation
  • Based on current Industry and IT standards like OPC, SQL and Reporting Services
  • Cloud Enabled – New Ocean has the ability to run, maintain and secure your reporting solution 
  • Production reports for production and cleaning including energy usage 
  • Balance reports for production and consumption on water net
  • Lab reports combined with process data
  • Pump Station reports including running time, starts, flooding’s etc
  • Utilization reports for production units
  • Balance reports including energy, water, steam and compressed air. Full support for meter handling. 
  • Normalization on production with energy per ton finished product
  • Batch reporting for integration of production values, consumptions and alarms including batch comparison


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