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Mobile SCADA solution that lets you securely achieve greater visibility of your plant floor operations - all your graphics, performance, alarms and trends - from any location, with any html5 compliant browser. Flexible access to plant floor information is increasingly important as you look to monitor and manage your production facilities from remote locations. Moreover, wireless technologies cost-effectively provide remote and localized control and transfer of live and historical data to the industries home centralized location operation.

Key Feature

  • Support for a variety of data source types: popular PLC protocols like BACnet, Modbus; OPC Data Access Servers; SQL databases
  • SQL database integration: data acquisition from existing databases, historian using the SQL engine of your choice
  • Alarming: alarm summary control, email and SMS alarm notification
  • Real-time and historical trending: versatile trend control, integration with SQL database of your choice
  • Web-based solution: Windows-based .NET server components, browser-based or desktop client applications

Key Capacity
  • Remote support (reduce cost of future upgrades)
  • Live data visualizations
  • Email Alarms
  • Live event log
Website Interface
A modern web browsers. e.g:
  • Google Chrome/Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Microsoft Edge


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